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Pre-Primary Level

Pre- Primary curriculum is a crucial stage which lays the foundation for life-long learning and whole person development, and serves the starting point of formal education. It articulates with primary, secondary and tertiary education to form an entire spectrum of education.

To nurture children to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics, the curriculum has been designed to develop cognitive skills, emotional skills, emotional skills, social skills and motor skills.

Storytelling, picture reading, picture-story composition, rhymes, learning of sight words are some of the activities designed to develop the different skills. Mathematics and numbers work primarily on development of cognitive skills. Drawing and colouring, cutting and craft activities focus on the fine motor skills.

At the Pre-Primary level, the aim is:

  • To create a home away from home where learning is fun.
  • Child-centered innovative approach.
  • Flexibility of the curriculum helps the teacher to begin with the child’s area of strength. This facilitates gradual adjustment of the child to the learning environment of the school.
  • Simple yet interesting activities are incorporated into the daily routine to enhance creativity.
  • Dramatics, story narration, rhymes, songs, sketching and colouring encourage creative thinking and help to make the child confident.
  • Intra-class, Inter-house, Story Telling, Poem-Recitation and Fancy-Dress Competitions are held to enhance the personality of the child.
  • Frequent use of audio-visual aids makes learning fun for the tiny tots.


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CBSE class X results of Session 2017-18:   

Saumya Gupta(94.6%)

Swaroopa Saxena(92.6%)

Sanchi Grover(91.6%)

Yashi Mehdiratta(91.2%)

Bhavya Ratan Maroo(91%)

Gurleen Kaur(90.4%)
















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