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‘Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.’

A school is a place where the students spends some of the crucial years of his/her life, thus inculcating the basic values and the skills that stimulate and excite children. SPC perseveres to provide a leaning environment that would extract the entire potential of the Peterians and expose their aptitude to face the global world. The emphasis on a curriculum of practical, academic and extra-curricular studies creates a balance for students to realise their true potential.

The faculty members are the true mentors of our pupils, guiding and counselling them, equipping them with the skills and harnessing their multifaceted potential. Our teachers aid the students to take each step with a confidence, enabling them to surpass their set benchmarks and create new zeniths.

The concept of education has broadened over the years- from merely revolving around academics, it now encompasses the diverse skills of I.T., the accomplishments of music, art and sports and the challenges of being an all-rounder. We, at St. Peter’s Convent, follow the motto of ‘Light and Learning’, stressing on the need of holistic education by applying the methodology of learning by doing.

The school posses an excellent infrastructure, with a well-equipped library, art room, air conditioned computer lab and science lab to keep the students updated. The importance of technology in education can’t be denied, thus each classroom boasts of being a smart class, depicting modules, videos and animation to present the concepts with clarity. Parents, of each ward, are our partners in creating global citizens, thus the entab login software facilitates them to keep themselves apprised. The security of each ward is our priority and the CCTV cameras installed fulfil our purpose.

Every ward studying at St. Peter’s Convent is our priority and we aim to foster psychological, mental, physical and academic growth in them to bring them out in the world and see them blooming with shining colours.


  MS. SURJEET KAUR                                                                                 



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CBSE class X results of Session 2017-18:   

Saumya Gupta(94.6%)

Swaroopa Saxena(92.6%)

Sanchi Grover(91.6%)

Yashi Mehdiratta(91.2%)

Bhavya Ratan Maroo(91%)

Gurleen Kaur(90.4%)
















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