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From the desk of Vice chairperson

From the Desk of Vice Chairperson

For me, action generates inspiration to explore, enquire, execute and accomplish. I believe in education that is child-centered and global in approach, based on character building and intellectual stimulation.

SPC cares for the spiritual health of the student community, in addition to the more obvious areas of physical, mental and emotional health.  Our school has students who are busy, but not frantic.  We have exacting and loving caretakers.  We commit ourselves to motivating the abilities of our children.

The bedrock mission for our school is, the education of children and adolescents.  When it comes to SPC, we create a space where children can thrive, not just intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually.  We try to balance the negative cultural influences, to which the children of this generation are exposed.

When thinking about SPC, I often draw an analogy.  Schools are like greenhouses, controlled environments that protect the life within them, from noxious elements that could harm or dwarf growth.  Schools are also highly nourishing environments that enable the young to grow deep, strong roots and healthy leaves.

 At SPC, our effort has been, to devise ways and means, to make the best use of education, with the aim to attain an empowered human base.  We want to produce globally responsible citizens, rather than mere students. Best wishes for your bright future.

Ms. Reema Tandon



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CBSE class X results of Session 2017-18:   

Saumya Gupta(94.6%)

Swaroopa Saxena(92.6%)

Sanchi Grover(91.6%)

Yashi Mehdiratta(91.2%)

Bhavya Ratan Maroo(91%)

Gurleen Kaur(90.4%)
















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