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St. Peter’s Convent


St. Peter’s Convent, Vikas Puri is one of the most prestigious schools in West Delhi. It was established under in the year 1981 and now is established under the aegis of Kamal Educational and Welfare Society.

The school upholds its motto ‘Life and Learning’, emphasizing on not just academic excellence and intellectual growth but also encompassing the aspects of art, athletics, sportsmanship and extra curricular activities too. St. Peter’s Convent is a co-educational school, located in C-Block, Vikas Puri with approximately 1000 students on its rolls. These children, spread across two branches, SPC Juniors catering to the pre primary needs of the little saplings and the remaining school catering to students from class I –X.  We offer the best school facilities like well- equipped labs, air conditioned classrooms for pre-school and pre-primary classes, techno-friendly computer lab, smart classrooms, Sports and Cultural activities.

The school is among the most renowned centres of academic excellence in West Delhi. The faculty members endeavour to guide each Peterian on the path of achieving not just good result but also creating global citizens. The school focuses on providing holistic education through a plethora of activities which not only encompasses the conventional music and art, but also keeping in mind the current scenario and the rising competition, the school imparts classes of yoga, taekwondo, western dance and aerobics.

The school provides and invigorating environment imparting the right mix of knowledge, skills and attitude. The school considers education to be a life-long process, with each moment providing us a lesson to be learnt and inculcated. Practical knowledge is also essential at the academic level, thus each classroom has been equipped with a smart board that provides not just an audio-visual aid, but also a living experience to inculcate each concept and grasp it conveniently. Practical knowledge is also imparted through regular visits to the computer and science labs, conducting language games and relating the theoretical knowledge with the reality.   

To sum up, the mission of St. Peter’s Convent, Vikas Puri is to provide learning to its students that would stay with them life long and enable them to be good and successful human beings. It has steadily reflected a spirit of innovation, hugely supported by the parents, by creating an academic environment that fosters ideas, innovation and excellence.



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CBSE class X results of Session 2017-18:   

Saumya Gupta(94.6%)

Swaroopa Saxena(92.6%)

Sanchi Grover(91.6%)

Yashi Mehdiratta(91.2%)

Bhavya Ratan Maroo(91%)

Gurleen Kaur(90.4%)
















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