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English and Hindi

  • Emphasis on adequate and appropriate grammatical exercises is given.
  • Thorough explanation of the lesson is given followed by creative writing and self– written answers.
  • Exercises are taken up, that are varied and interesting.
  • All language teachers use smart class adequately.


  • Important introductory notes, formulae and examples are mentioned in the notebooks.
  • Important parts of each exercise having all types of questions are solved in the class. 
  • Adequate & stimulating assignments are given. Mental Maths and Integrated exercises are also taken up in                      the classes, especially in Primary classes.
  •  Lab activities are given taken up seriously in the scrap file prescribed by the school especially in Classes VI-X.
  • Teachers (Classes VI-X) make use of the Maths Lab.

EVS/Science/Social Studies

  • Related activities or experiments in each topic are taken up in the class or science lab by getting the apparatus from                           the lab.
  •  Students are taken to the lab wherever required.
  • Map work is taken up seriously.
  • Relevant diagrams are drawn neatly in the notebook.
  • Activities are taken up regularly as a part of the lesson, exercises at the back of the lesson and additional application                    –based questions are also taken up.

Note: NCERT books are thoroughly studied and CBSE pattern is strictly adhered to in the higher classes .             Regular  assignments are given to the students and they are checked thoroughly keeping in mind the previous                      year’s CBSE papers. 

Teaching Method

  • Lecture cum demonstration method (wherever possible) is followed in class. Classes are interactive.
  • Lessons are creatively planned well in advance.
  • Language games, experiments, discussions, quizzes, charts, teaching aids like maps, realia etc. are used for the purpose.
  • Science labs and computer labs are regularly made use of.
  • Audio Visual CDs are also used through LCD projector to make teaching more effective.
  • Adequate usage of smart class is taken up in the class.


“At SPC, we believe in Multi-sensory approach to Holistic Learning & Education at large”.





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CBSE class X results of Session 2017-18:   

Saumya Gupta(94.6%)

Swaroopa Saxena(92.6%)

Sanchi Grover(91.6%)

Yashi Mehdiratta(91.2%)

Bhavya Ratan Maroo(91%)

Gurleen Kaur(90.4%)
















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